Bermond-Boquié Award

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As a part of a tutored project with the Municipal Library of Nantes, I had the opportunity of designing a logo for the Bermond-Boquié Award, awarding children's books.

It was a group project done with Loane Vinsonneau, Fatène Alsayed and Sixtine Angier, who played other parts in this project that aimed at making this award known.


(several versions according to the library's graphic chart)


I also had to design a mini website incorporated in the Municipal Library of Nantes website. Its goal was to improve the visibility of the LivrJeun database and to make the Bermond-Boquié Award known, while offering an interactive and fun content for young people.

Flyers that use the logo

Invitations designed by Loane Vinsonneau and sent to the children (and their parents) who where selecting the winning book.